Join all your diccionaries together into a single applictaion


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Do you often turn to a dictionary to find the meaning of a word you don´t know? Do you also regularly consult a multi language dictionary? Would you like to have all that information together in one application instead several different ones? Well, luckily for you, here is Lingoes.

Lingoes is a free application that brings together several dictionaries, both for language and meaning, into a single program to make them easier to use.

It has a very fast search engine so you will not have to wait long to find the meaning of a word. But it doesn´t stop there, it also includes quick access to Internet search tools and the main search engines like Google or Yahoo!

If that were not enough, Lingoes includes the possibility of downloading free Internet dictionaries to be integrated into the application. It also includes an audio utility to sound the words you are looking for, but this utility only works in English at the moment.

If you need a fast and reliable tool for working with languages, Lingoes is an excellent option you should keep in mind.
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